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September 2016

We have had a great second year with Kidderminster M&S so far, as their Local Charity of the Year 2016/17.

We were presented with an amazing £6660.96 at the end of our first year with them and so far are ready to top this total by March 2017.

Home-Start and M&S staff took part in Gung-ho! In June to raise over £1000 in one day for us and we have continued with our monthly bag packing in store. Thanks to all who have supported this.

Shaun and Richard from M&S with HSWF Manager Belinda Darby

We look forward to a busy final six months with them and are excited to hear about their next fundraising ideas !

We are delighted to have been named as one of 460 charities in England chosen to be Local Charity Partners to the local TSB branches. We look forward to meeting the team at TSB and working together in the coming year to raise more funds for the scheme.

Do you have ideas on how to raise funds ?

There are opportunities to join our Fundraising Events sub committee or to undertake the Challenge- where supporters pledge to raise funds £100 for our scheme in a year. Contact us for a fundraising pack. Individuals, groups and organisations can register and although you will be provided with some fundraising ideas, we welcome you being as creative and original in your ideas of how to raise the funds.

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