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The Swap Shop

Welcome to Home-Start Wyre Forest's Swap Shop. This is our donation scheme for clothes, shoes, children's equipment, toys and books. We provide a way of recycling good quality items for the benefit of the local community.

Our Swap Shop is open to all Wyre Forest residents. We aim to provide free family items to those in need, with hope that all children have the necessities to thrive. If you wish to donate, request goods or volunteer for the project please get in touch.



To donate:

Please contact us using the what's app button, my email or phone number. It is possible for us to collect items if delivery is difficult.

To receive:


1) ANYONE within the Wyre Forest District can receive items advertised on here.


2) Items will be given on a first come, first served basis – just message me or comment and I will contact you directly. It is possible for us to deliver items if collecting is difficult.


3) In order to receive an item we will ask you for some basic details. This is so we can monitor the project and how it is helping and we will not use these details to contact you without request.


4) All items are provided free of charge. However ,if you wish to donate something in return in the future would be appreciated.

5) you are accepting items donated from our Swap Shop Service "as seen" and agree HSWF do not hold any responsibility for the item after delivery. All items have been quality checked on donation to HSWF.


Liz Smith, Swap Shop Worker

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